Marijuana as Medicine

Although many people disagree with using marijuana for medical purposes due to the adverse side-effects it may have, a new strain of marijuana now being created will provide the medical benefits without the fear of any adverse side-effects. This is possible due to the fact that both the good and the bad properties of marijuana are contained in its cannabinoids but until now, scientists had been unable to distinguish the bad ones from the good ones but that has now changed.

The cannabinoids responsible for marijuana’s adverse effects contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) whilst the cannabinoids which offer health benefits contain CBD (Cannabidiol) but how to distinguish between the two has only recently been discovered. This scientific breakthrough now allows products like CBD muscle cream to be safely used for the relief of muscle pain without any threat of adverse side-effects. Other safe CBD products have also been introduced like CBD oil for relief of stress and many stress-related ailments.

Encourage by their breakthrough, the scientists are now trying to create marijuana plants which have no THC content and their efforts so far are proving successful which will mean marijuana can safely be grown without fear it will be used for adverse purposes, like getting a recreational high. This will hopefully lead to the world lifting its ban on the growing of marijuana.

Although commonly known as marijuana or perhaps cannabis, the plant’s correct name is hemp which has been used for medical purposes ever since the Ancient Egyptian times 4000 years ago. Of course, the use of hemp then and ever since has always been accompanied by the side-effects provided by the THC in the plants but this hopefully, will remain something in the past and no longer be a cause for concern in the future.

Marijuana, if grown profusely throughout the world, could offer benefits other than those to our health. The reason for this is that marijuana is very easy to grow and is fast growing, allowing it to be harvested twice a year, unlike most plants which can only be harvested annually. This means that marijuana can be considered as being renewable, unlike trees which take years to grow. Rapid deforestation of the planet is thought to be a contributing factor to global warming but if hemp pulp was used instead of paper for many products, deforestation could be reduced significantly, improving our planet’s health as well as our own health.

Now the breakthrough has been made, it is reasonable to assume that ever increasing numbers of CBD health products will emerge and so marijuana may one day, instead of being looked at with distaste, be looked on as a plant which played a role in helping the health of humanity and the planet in general. For years many people have stated that marijuana had the potential to be the planet’s most beneficial plant to humans but often they were just laughed at but today, with our new knowledge, no one should be laughing anymore.

Anxiety Sufferers

The numbers of people suffering from anxiety or stress-related problems continue to grow but fortunately, a relatively new product is now available which can help them. This new product is CBN Oil For Anxiety which is just one of many CBD products which are being made available for numerous different health problems.

These products are due to a medical breakthrough being made and that breakthrough was in being able to identify which cannabinoids in the hemp plant contain CBD and which contain THC. The cannabinoids in hemp have long been known to contain both but until now they had not been able to identify one from the other. The reason why it was so important to be able to identify these cannabinoids is that the ones containing CBD can have many different health benefits for humans whilst the ones containing THC can cause highs and addiction.

The full name for CBD is Cannabinol and the full name for THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol but it was only the THC which gave hemp its bad name. Hemp, of course, is also known as cannabis or marijuana which had been banned for use or even growth in many countries around the world due to the adverse effects associated with the THC. Now it is possible to identify between the two different types of cannabinoids, the ones containing CBD can be removed and use for medical purposes whilst the ones containing THC can be destroyed, ensuring any medicinal use of hemp in the future, is free from adverse side effects.

Of course, when the Ancient Egyptians used hemp for medical purposes more than 4000 years ago, they would have to accept any adverse side effects from its use, as did many civilizations which have used hemp since. Due to this recent breakthrough though, no one now or in the future will have worries for side effects when using hemp products which have prompted scientists to try and find even more medical benefits the plant may possess.

Different research than that looking for more uses for hemp is one which is working on developing a strain of hemp which contains no THC which would mean the plant could perhaps produce even more CBD which will be needed if more health benefits are found for it. So far this research has had limited success as although they have been able to develop a strain which contains only a little THC, they have not yet been able to develop one with no THC but this research continues and so they may yet be successful.

Health benefits are not the only benefits which the hemp plant can potentially offer as all parts of the plant can prove useful in one way or another. Perhaps the most promising of these potentials is the use of its pulp to replace paper in paper products. This would create a need for significantly less paper which in turn could reduce the amount of deforestation in the world and that could have health benefits for the planet in general.

Benefits Derived from Hemp

Hemp which is often referred to as either cannabis or marijuana has many properties but since the mid 20thcentury, only its adverse properties have been recognized by most of the world. Today, however, some people are now looking closer at the beneficial properties which the plant possesses and one of the companies looking at its potential is American CBD. They have already had great success in developing an effective muscle pain reliever in the form of cream containing CBD (Cannabidiol), a product found in some of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. This cream is now available for legal use and can be ordered from the website

The thought of hemp providing beneficial health treatments is nothing new as for many years people have been taking marijuana to ease their pain but what is new is that now they can take or use hemp by-products without the fear of any side-effects which had always been a hazard in the past. This breakthrough has come about due to scientists now being able to recognize the different cannabinoids in the hemp makeup and therefore only using the good ones in any medications or creams.

CBD is of course recognized as a safe and beneficial cannabinoid but the ones which cause adverse effects have been identified as the ones containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is basically the component which provides a high when taking regular cannabis. Researchers have now been able to create a strain of hemp which has minimal if any, THC which means it is far less potentially hazardous than traditional marijuana and it is this strain which is hoped to be grown to assist in medical treatments.

One of the problems which law enforcement officers had, whilst trying to enforce marijuana’s ban, was that the plant is very easy to grow and is also very fast growing, enabling people to grow it almost anywhere. Unlike most other plants hemp can also be harvested twice a year instead of just once which is normal for most traditional plants and crops. As the pulp of hemp can also be used as a substitute for wood in the making of paper products, some have suggested that it should be grown widely in order to reduce the number of trees being cut down, which is contributing to global warming. This may be a good idea as r=growing a forest can take years whilst replacing a harvest of hemp would only take months.

The full potential of hemp is not yet known as researchers are still continuing their work but apart from the medical benefits we already know hemp can provide, it is suspected that there are still many more yet undiscovered. Of course, if hemp was to also contribute to reducing global warming it would be an added bonus. Nor should we forget either though that hemp can also be used in the garment industry and so may actually be the planet’s most useful plant or at least one of its most useful.