Benefits Derived from Hemp

Hemp which is often referred to as either cannabis or marijuana has many properties but since the mid 20thcentury, only its adverse properties have been recognized by most of the world. Today, however, some people are now looking closer at the beneficial properties which the plant possesses and one of the companies looking at its potential is American CBD. They have already had great success in developing an effective muscle pain reliever in the form of cream containing CBD (Cannabidiol), a product found in some of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. This cream is now available for legal use and can be ordered from the website

The thought of hemp providing beneficial health treatments is nothing new as for many years people have been taking marijuana to ease their pain but what is new is that now they can take or use hemp by-products without the fear of any side-effects which had always been a hazard in the past. This breakthrough has come about due to scientists now being able to recognize the different cannabinoids in the hemp makeup and therefore only using the good ones in any medications or creams.

CBD is of course recognized as a safe and beneficial cannabinoid but the ones which cause adverse effects have been identified as the ones containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is basically the component which provides a high when taking regular cannabis. Researchers have now been able to create a strain of hemp which has minimal if any, THC which means it is far less potentially hazardous than traditional marijuana and it is this strain which is hoped to be grown to assist in medical treatments.

One of the problems which law enforcement officers had, whilst trying to enforce marijuana’s ban, was that the plant is very easy to grow and is also very fast growing, enabling people to grow it almost anywhere. Unlike most other plants hemp can also be harvested twice a year instead of just once which is normal for most traditional plants and crops. As the pulp of hemp can also be used as a substitute for wood in the making of paper products, some have suggested that it should be grown widely in order to reduce the number of trees being cut down, which is contributing to global warming. This may be a good idea as r=growing a forest can take years whilst replacing a harvest of hemp would only take months.

The full potential of hemp is not yet known as researchers are still continuing their work but apart from the medical benefits we already know hemp can provide, it is suspected that there are still many more yet undiscovered. Of course, if hemp was to also contribute to reducing global warming it would be an added bonus. Nor should we forget either though that hemp can also be used in the garment industry and so may actually be the planet’s most useful plant or at least one of its most useful.

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