Anxiety Sufferers

The numbers of people suffering from anxiety or stress-related problems continue to grow but fortunately, a relatively new product is now available which can help them. This new product is CBN Oil For Anxiety which is just one of many CBD products which are being made available for numerous different health problems.

These products are due to a medical breakthrough being made and that breakthrough was in being able to identify which cannabinoids in the hemp plant contain CBD and which contain THC. The cannabinoids in hemp have long been known to contain both but until now they had not been able to identify one from the other. The reason why it was so important to be able to identify these cannabinoids is that the ones containing CBD can have many different health benefits for humans whilst the ones containing THC can cause highs and addiction.

The full name for CBD is Cannabinol and the full name for THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol but it was only the THC which gave hemp its bad name. Hemp, of course, is also known as cannabis or marijuana which had been banned for use or even growth in many countries around the world due to the adverse effects associated with the THC. Now it is possible to identify between the two different types of cannabinoids, the ones containing CBD can be removed and use for medical purposes whilst the ones containing THC can be destroyed, ensuring any medicinal use of hemp in the future, is free from adverse side effects.

Of course, when the Ancient Egyptians used hemp for medical purposes more than 4000 years ago, they would have to accept any adverse side effects from its use, as did many civilizations which have used hemp since. Due to this recent breakthrough though, no one now or in the future will have worries for side effects when using hemp products which have prompted scientists to try and find even more medical benefits the plant may possess.

Different research than that looking for more uses for hemp is one which is working on developing a strain of hemp which contains no THC which would mean the plant could perhaps produce even more CBD which will be needed if more health benefits are found for it. So far this research has had limited success as although they have been able to develop a strain which contains only a little THC, they have not yet been able to develop one with no THC but this research continues and so they may yet be successful.

Health benefits are not the only benefits which the hemp plant can potentially offer as all parts of the plant can prove useful in one way or another. Perhaps the most promising of these potentials is the use of its pulp to replace paper in paper products. This would create a need for significantly less paper which in turn could reduce the amount of deforestation in the world and that could have health benefits for the planet in general.